American Red Cups

These American Red Cups are the same iconic cups as seen in many US movies and hit TV shows and they are now available in the UK! A party just isn’t a party without the Original Red Solo American Party Cup.

We are not just talking about cheap plastic red party cups here, this is the real deal and they have come all the way from the USA. As seen in the films like American Pie and the TV smash Glee. They have become a party essential!

American party cups are perfect for indoor parties, outdoor catering and large events.

Don’t just think that these cups are just for drinking, you would be amazed at how many people actually buy these American Red Cups just to so that they can play Beer Pong with with them. These disposable cups can do it all!

If you have not already heard the “red solo cup” song by Toby Keith you can print them out and sing along with us.

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