Ball Falling into a Red Solo CupIf you have been searching for those cool red Beer Pong cups that you have probably seen in all the cool American TV shows and movies, then you have just found them right here!

American Party Cups supplies the exact cups you have been looking for to play Beer Pong (and drink beer) – with all the fill lines that you need to play the ultimate funky drinking games like beer pong and flip cup.

Beer pong cups need to be red, sturdy and plastic and they also need to be the popular 16oz size (473ml).

What is Beer Pong?

The aim of the game is to get the beer pong balls into your opponents cup, and every time you succeed, they have to drink the beer and remove the cup. When all your opponents cups are removed then you win!!

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Beer Pong Kit


This is what you will need to start playing:

  • One Beer Pong Kit
    • consisting of  22 Red Solo Cups, 2 Orange Beer Pong Balls (the 2 extra cups are for you to wash your balls in) and Instructions on how to play.
  • You will need a flat playing surface
  • You could play on your own, but it’s much more fun when playing with friends!
  • Oh and you will need beer, beer and even more beer!

How to set up your game:

You need to set your table as per the diagram below (the red circles being your Beer Pong Red Cups):

Example of a Table Setup

Fill each cup with beer to the second mark on the cups and decide who’s starting.

The basic rules for playing:

  • Beer Pong starting point – Who goes first? A simple coin toss should decide this 🙂
  • Take it in turns and tossing the beer pong ball in to the other person’s beer cups.
  • When a beer pong ball successfully lands in the opponents beer cup, the opponent must drink the beer from the cup. The cup is then removed from the game.
  • The first player to remove all of their opponents beer cups – wins!
Please note everyone has slightly different rules:
There are many variations to the rules of beer pong, more rules can be found on-line and so we suggest it’s always best to agree the rules prior to playing beer pong.
If you know of any additions or variations of the beer pong rules you’d like to tell us about please complete the comments form below:


Watch the Official Beer Pong Song – Cali Stylz

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