All you need for this drinking game is a group of people, beer and someone that knows all of the phrases to this game.

The first person says the first phrase on the list of ten.

The next person must say the second phrase and then the first phrase.

It goes in the same fashion as The Twelve Days of Christmas in that if you’re on the fifth phrase, you must recite the fifth one and then the other four in decreasing order.

If you mess up, you must take as many drinks as the number of phrases you were suppose to complete and then the game starts over with the next person.

The game is over when all ten phrases are said correctly or everyone is too drunk to care, whichever comes first.

Here are the phrases:

  1. One big chicken
  2. Two cute ducks
  3. Three brown bears
  4. Four hairy running hares
  5. Five fat females sitting, sipping scotch and smoking cigarettes
  6. Six sheets slit by Sam the sheet slitter
  7. Seven sexy Siamese sailors sailing the seven seas
  8. Eight echoing egotists echoing egotistical ecstasies
  9. Nine naughty knocked up nuns navigating the Nigerian Desert towards the nunnery
  10. Ten fig pluckers plucking figs; I’m not a fig plucker or a fig pluckers son but I’ll pluck figs until the fig plucking’s done!

Party Drinking Game - One Big Chicken


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