Flip CupFlip Cup! Ok, so you’re telling me you haven’t heard of this awesome drinking game? Fair enough. Allow us to explain how this one goes…

As we all know Beer Pong is for 2 players, and that’s fine (if there is 2 of you). Well what about if there are loads of you? I mean enough for two teams? Well this is where Flip Cup comes in 🙂 It’s a team drinking game – Result!

Game rules:

  • Get 2 teams (ideally of equal size) either side of the table, so that each team member has an opponent stood opposite them
  • Fill each Red Party Cup with beer about 1/4 of the way up
  • Once every one is ready the two starting members of each team (remember they’re stood opposite each other), toast each other and then down their drink
  • Once the team member has drunk their drink they place their cup upside down partially hanging off the table and then attempt to “Flip” the Red Plastic Cup (with their hand only please) so that the cup is sitting back on the table the right way up
  • This is a relay race so once the first team member has completed this including the “Flip Cup” then the next team member can start
  • The first team to finish, guess what – Wins!


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