Lil Red Shot Cups – all the way from California for you!

As we all know the infamous Solo Red Party Cups are a must at any party right? Right! But what about those wanting to do some shots at said party. What do we need? Shot Glasses, obviously.

Lil Red Shot Cups

What would be better than a normal shot glass? How about a shot glass that looks like a Red Solo Party Cup! Right! Now we’re talking 🙂

So, what do we do here at We bring you Lil Red Shot Cups! Seriously you have got to check these out… tiny little shot cups that actually look like the original Solo Party Cups and guess what… they’re red too!

Lil Red Shot Cups

Now you can have matching shot glasses (or shot cups) with your super large (they’ll seem that way once you’ve seen these) party cups. Lil Reds come in packs of 20.

We hope you enjoy them 🙂

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